A totally different perspective on travelling

Kasey Rickie | November 1, 2017

Not your usual trip  It seems that there are thousands of posts about travelling and what kind of places you should see. However, there is one thing that I do not find any information about – the locals. That is…..

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solo hiking

Travelling solo: how it affects your life and personality?

Kasey Rickie | September 15, 2017

Being a travel blogger, I usually do three things regularly. Two are obvious: I write and I travel. What’s the third one? Following travel trends. It is easy to do nowadays with social media, variety of hashtags on different networks,…..

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whole trip

Getaway Birthday Idea – Solo Trip Around Europe

Kasey Rickie | September 13, 2017

With Bryan Adams’ ‘Honey, I’m packing you in’ blasting through my speakers I am packing, but no one else is going. It was a birthday gift from my friends. They chipped in, bought me one ticket to Paris and told…..

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canoeing in snow

What to do when weather messes up your holiday plans?

Kasey Rickie | September 8, 2017

You were planning your holidays for weeks if not months, checked the weather forecasts every few hours before the trip, but when your plane landed you ended up being royally disappointed. Instead of sunbaths in the beach, you are left…..

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The Perfect Vacation Cover Up

Kasey Rickie | July 23, 2017

You have to decide as to when it is possible to go on a vacation. A vacation is a great chance for a couple to devote quality time together. Do not forget that everybody’s vacation looks a bit different so…..

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Top Guide of Best Museums in the World

Kasey Rickie | July 21, 2017

  A post shared by Musée du Louvre (@museelouvre) on Aug 19, 2017 at 6:55am PDT The best method to see the British Museum is to just stop by a few sections per go to, so you really can take…..

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Why travel insurance is so important

Kasey Rickie | July 19, 2017

  When the unexpected happens!#TravelInsurance — Oak Island Accommoda (@OIAccommodation) August 23, 2017 Travel insurance is of great importance since it is possible to solve any type of inconvenience, such as accidents, illnesses, baggage losses, flight delays (especially when…..

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