Getaway Birthday Idea – Solo Trip Around Europe

With Bryan Adams’ ‘Honey, I’m packing you in’ blasting through my speakers I am packing, but no one else is going. It was a birthday gift from my friends. They chipped in, bought me one ticket to Paris and told me to go explore the world.

That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

A birthday getaway.

Seriously, how good of a gift is that?

If you are someone who likes to travel, doing something like this for your birthday is a spectacular idea. Here’s why.

Time to reinvent yourself

travel europe

You may want to quit eating junk food or change the world. You will get neither if you don’t focus on your goals. Which is getting harder and harder to do with our fast-paced, connected 24/7 lives. Buy this, download that, best tips to get over your ex, good read about gambling online. We are constantly bombarded by ads.

Take a break.

Not a nap, not a coffee break. Not even a holiday where you still spend most of your time surrounded by the same people and same situation. No, a real break. From everything and everyone in your life that you may be a bit fed up with.

Birthdays are a great time to reinvent yourself. Especially on a solo getaway trip because you have all the time in the world to dedicate to you. Sit and meditate in the beach at 4am? Want to hike 50 miles? No one will object to whatever you choose.

It’s much cheaper

The fact that birthday is a holiday of your own means it is a good time to travel. Have you tried travelling around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter holidays? A nightmare, I know! Not to mention that all sorts of businesses, at home and in foreign countries, jack up the prices for the holidays including airfare, tickets to events, souvenirs, etc.

But if it’s your birthday, no one else knows about it except you. And that means that everything will be significantly less expensive.

Be free

I have already touched on this point before. But it is really important to note that this is your time. Focus on yourself. Skip all the touristy places. Meet new people in real situations.

Europe is well-suited to travel alone with a backpack. Don’t be afraid of getting away from the big cities. You will meet fishermen and grandmas, old and the young from all walks of life. These may be the most eye-opening moments of your life. Because the truth is, lack of perspective is often what holds us back.


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You may be scared. I know I am petrified. But as they say, we often need things we are afraid of the most. Especially if often find yourself lost in life, wondering what is your destiny in this life. And I’m not saying that you have to travel across Italy or France to find meaning in life. I don’t care if you spend your holiday 5 miles from your home if that means that you get still get time alone from everyone, from all the social media noise and all the drama. You really aught to.