Travelling solo: how it affects your life and personality?

Being a travel blogger, I usually do three things regularly. Two are obvious: I write and I travel. What’s the third one? Following travel trends. It is easy to do nowadays with social media, variety of hashtags on different networks, google alerts or what not.

What I noticed recently was the increase of people travelling alone. Instagram alone had around 1.5 M photos captured with #solotravel last time I checked. Some are just boring Insta classics: selfies. Most of us take those now, and when travelling alone you don’t really have a way to take different kind of photos of yourself.

However, travelling alone is and can be for everyone much more than selfies. It changes you, it alters your life in ways you didn’t imagine. I really hope all those 1.5 M people realized that. If you didn’t travel solo yet, here’s what you can expect when you finally do.


You become independent

This is an obvious one. Travelling needs planning, proper budgeting, finding places to stay, visit, eat at, being cautious, flexible and a lot more. If you are alone, you need to make sure about every detail of your trip by yourself since most likely you wouldn’t take vacation package for yourself only. No judging if you would though. And what makes you independent? Doing things on your own. And more importantly, realizing that you can do them.

You become courageous

Travelling solo makes you leave your comfort zone and that’s already a very brave thing to do. What’s more, you constantly try new things. Whether it is travelling to country that has completely different language and culture than yours, hitchhiking, couch surfing, cycling in the mountains or swimming and sunbathing in an abandoned beach, every single of these activities has some obvious danger in them. But you do them nevertheless. Carefully and with caution, of course.

 You enjoy your own company

If you are introvert, you probably realized long time ago that you enjoy being by yourself. However, if you are more a people person, traveling solo will make you realize that you can be on your own. You don’t need people around you at all times. After all, if you are extrovert, people love your company, right? So, why shouldn’t you?


It helps you to deal with anxiety

What do I do when I feel stressed and anxious? No, I don’t use fidget spinners, though I’ll admit, I saw pretty cool fidgets online recently. I travel. You leave your home, your workplace for a while, get away from all your problems, even if it is only for a day. And when you travel alone, it helps you to think. You become clear headed about some things that needs to be done and find unexpected solutions to various issues.

You become tolerant and open-minded

Travelling means constantly meeting people. Different people. Coming from different cultures and speaking different languages. They will have different habits and traditions. Some will accept yours, some won’t. When travelling, you are the stranger. So, you are the one that should adapt. Try to speak other language. Try to understand different approaches to everyday things. You will see that in the end, we are all alike and should treat each other equally.

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