How trekking in Nepal will blow your mind


As you can see in the imposing image, Mount Everest is absolutely majestic. That is why trekking in Nepal in general and in this impressive mountainous formation, in particular, is a crazy thing or, to put it another way, “your head will fly,” literally speaking. However, it is the extreme difficulties, which make this sport is exciting.

The trekking consists of walking on nature trails, such as high mountains, huge massifs, mountain ranges, valleys, wild gorges, rivers of all kinds, lakes, and lagoons, among many other places. On certain occasions, you can walk on paths in inhospitable deserts and even in leafy and dangerous jungles.

Let us see, then, what has to do with Nepal, that wonderful country that we all associate with Tibetan monks levitating, walking quietly in the company of huge Bengal tigers or, well, meditating for days and nights without stopping for a single second. However, Nepal is much more than that, because it is one of the regions most sought after by walkers.

1. Let us begin with a path which many consider, with a certain amount of mental imbalance, as a “moderate difficulty.” This is the Everest Base Camp Trek Phakding – Namche Bazaar. It is located on the second stretch of the route at Everest base camp. Tourists-hikers leave Phakding, 2620 meters high.

After walking a few kilometers and crossing several bridges (some of these creepy), it is passed to Sagarmatha National Park, to finish in Namche Bazar, to the “moderate” (¡what a dare!) height of 3,440 meters above the level of the sea.

Other extreme trails of the exciting Nepal


2. If the path we have just described (briefly) seems to be of “moderate” difficulty, wait until we speak of one that experts call “difficult”. It is, nothing more or nothing less, than the Langtang Circuit, where you can find a site called “Ganja La“, located 5,183 meters high.

It is a 120-kilometer circular route that runs through the most classic, emblematic, beautiful and interesting sites of the majestic Langtang National Park. To this, we must combine the fact that it is a whole loop, passing through Langtang Valley (3600m), Ganja La (5.138m) and Goisandkung (4,600m). Enough, ¿right?

3. Finally, let us mention the Trekking Khumbu-Cho La-Goyco, located in the Sagarmatha National Park, which has a spectacular journey of fourteen days, nine of them traveling over 4,000 meters above the sea ​​level. Are you already feeling your head about to explode?