Ways to Make Money During Your Trips

We all say we want to spend more time traveling. Most of us would agree to travel 365 days a year. But, you have to go back and earn some more money for the next trip.

Actually, no.

Vagabonding has much less stigma and bad connotations. If you want to spend your life traveling, you can. And there are many ways to earn a living to support your trips.

Accept the extreme

sleepin on bench

First and foremost, you should know what you are getting into. And best is to accept that not everything will be ok. Sometimes you will sleep on a bench or, best case scenario, a bus station, sometimes you will find it hard to find work or even food.

But if you do decide to take a long-term trip, asking for work becomes very easy. There is no shame in working for food. Try to look for what you can solve for them and, whoever they are, ask for work.

Learn to play competitive

You may know a lot of players yourself who, due to their government regulations, moved to places like Thailand and live by earning through playing poker. It’s hard to get into as a newbie, but if you already have a grasp on a game, you may be surprised how even the lowest stakes can earn you enough.

This may also include casino games, sports betting and trading.

Coding and App Development


This is something you can do before or during your trip. The process is pretty straightforward and you can start earing from the first day of publishing your app.

And there are so many opportunities from pokies for mobile phones [winagames.com/pokies-for-mobiles] to coding full functionality websites.


As a freelancer, you may only need a laptop to live by. Every coffee shop becomes an office. It offers everything you would want as a vagabond – the excitement of the surprise and being able to earn on the spot.


You are probably already skilled in some area. Offer teaching kids and adults, everyone you meet. Even if it’s only basic English in a place like Colombia or Slovenia, or guitar lessons, whatever you can think of. It will make you interact more, you will meet more people and earn experiences to remember all your life.


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