What to do when weather messes up your holiday plans?

You were planning your holidays for weeks if not months, checked the weather forecasts every few hours before the trip, but when your plane landed you ended up being royally disappointed. Instead of sunbaths in the beach, you are left with unexpected expenses for raincoat or umbrella.

It can happen and it happens a lot. You can never predict the weather too precisely, and it tends to screw you over at the worst moments. Thanks, Murphy’s law. So, what to do when your initial plans fall apart because of the weather?

Dive into the culture

Visit exhibitions

If you planned to lay in the beach and enjoy the sunshine, there is an alternative that will give you different kind of brightness: cultural one. Any city or town you might be visiting, even a resort one, should have at least a couple of museums or galleries. It can be very random or bizarre ones, or perhaps a small exhibition of local artist. You never know if you see something mesmerizing if you don’t bother to look.


Go to the theatre

Some theatres are passive and their plays are only showed locally. So, perhaps, the theatre nearby has some amazing story to tell and you won’t be able to hear or see it anywhere else in the world? Thus, check the repertoire and maybe you will find something you may like. If not, there is always cinema and different kind of acting available for your entertainment.

Pastimes indoors are cool, too


Bowling might not sound very holiday-like but if you don’t have a tendency to overplay it back home, it can be a pretty nice change for otherwise plan-less evening. You just need couple of friends and   perhaps couple of local beers along the way. If you are travelling with your partner, it’s a possibility to meet and hang out with some locals, too.


If you are up for some activities indoors but bowling is not your cup of tea, maybe pool is? Easy to play, don’t need many people, and can be found in more places than bowling.


Rain or wind can ruin your time in the beach but indoor pools offer you swimming no matter the weather. And it is easy to find a swimming pool, first place you can check is your hotel. If no swimming pools available there, perhaps there is some waterpark around or spa resort has some solutions for you. Don’t give up. If you want some water activities, no weather can stop you.

Phone for the rescue


If the weather is really horrible and you don’t want to leave the hotel, look at your phone. You probably have some e-books ready for those hours in the bus, train or plane, don’t you? If you don’t, you can always download some. More time for reading is always good even if it is gotten because initial plans are cancelled.


What’s more, you can play games on your mobile device, too. Whether it is some car racing games, your virtual pet needs some attention or slots from pay by phone casinos tempting with big jackpots, there is plenty to do even if you left your laptop at home. Maybe you’ll even win enough to book another flight to more weather friendly destination.

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